Trading crypto Sell-off could be wait ;)

Sell-off could be wait ;)

Hi cryptotraders,

After yesterday’s sell-off in the cryptocurrency market, today we could see the rebound upward, because… the 6 days benchmark for sell signals is equal to 7 signals, and today there are only 2 sell signals on the daily crypto chart, i.e. today’s value for sell signals is below the 6 days benchmark for sell signals, which means there is no further sell-off in the cryptocurrency market today.

Update 14.09.2023 23:10

On 10-11 Sep, sellers were gaining strength, but on 12,13,14 Sep there was no continuation of active sales by the bears, and the attempt at sales did not continue.
Pay attention to the monthly crypto chart at the end of September; if buy signals increase, this will mean the initial stage of a trend change in the cryptocurrency market and as you well know “TREND IS YOUR FRIEND“.


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