Trading crypto Buy and Sell signals ratio now is 1 Buyer : 7.4 Sellers

Buy and Sell signals ratio now is 1 Buyer : 7.4 Sellers

Hi cryptotraders,

As you can see on the monthly chart with crypto trading signals the ratio between Buy and Sell signals has changed to sellers side. Now this ratio is 1 Buyer to 7.4 Sellers. I am curious, what will be the ratio between buyers and sellers at the end of September?

Monthly dynamic of this ratio:

Jul = 1 Buyer : 21.3 Sellers
Aug = 1 Buyer : 12.8 Sellers
Sep (till 11 Sep) = 1 Buyer : 7.4 Sellers

This crypto market sentiment ratio tell us that the number of monthly Sell signals is decreasing and from other side the number of Buy signals is not increasing. So, the monthly power of sellers goes down and gives buyers the possibility to buy crypto currencies.


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